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Master Humphrey's Clock

"Master Humphrey's Clock" is curated by Yulia Aksenova (RF), Jesse Birch (CAN), Sarah Farrar (NZ), Inti Guerrero (CO) and Virginija Januskeviciute (LT), participants of de Appel's curatorial programme in Amsterdam in 2007-2008. Since 1992 this programme invites a group of young curators from different cultural backgrounds to study and create a project together. De Appel wishes to thank Gemeente Amsterdam and Ministerie van OC&W for long-term financial support.
"Master Humphrey's Clock" is made possible with the support of the whole team at de Appel arts centre and the indispensable last-minute involvement of programme’s intern, Lise van Zaalen; the staff of Beyond, the art assignment for Leidsche Rijn, especially Emmy Rijstenbil, the project's site manager; the Canada Council for the Arts; Centraal Museum, Utrecht; Gemeente Utrecht; K.F. Hein Fonds; SKOR Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte; VSB Fonds; van Bijleveltstichting.

The curators would like to thank all participating artists and also those who have helped with the realization of individual art projects:
--Fillip art review – for hosting and --distributing the project by Mariana Castillo --Deball.
--Witte de With, Rotterdam for their support --for, and the exhibition attendants at the --Stanley Brouwn pavilion (Barbara Beers, Afke --Huitema, Casper van Oort, Clara Pouderoijen, --Emmy Rijstenbil, Neske Spek, Mascha Teune, --Lilouka Zatou) for generously participating --in, and contributing to, the work by Geoffrey --Farmer.
- Claud Biemen, Diana Klein, Emilio Corzo, Emily --Cunnings, Jan Mech, Patricia Vega, Jantine --Wijnja – for taking part in Dora Garcia's --performance.
--Martin from MTS-Audiovisueel, Vania Toperich
--and Eran Weitz - for assisting the development
--of Noa Giniger's piece.
--Staff and management of the Emmaus Parkwijk – --for enabling them to present the projects by --Michael Rakowitz and Gabriel Kuri.
--wUm of – for his collaboration --with Sandy Plotnikoff.
--Neugerriemschneider, Berlin – for making the --presentation of Simon Starling’s work --possible.
--Faculty of Economics and Business --Administration at VU University Amsterdam – --for their kind loan of the ECOCIRC --Hydromechanical Computer, as well as Centraal --Museum, Utrecht for the loan of exhibition --equipment for Michael Stevenson's research --archive.
--The Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) – for hosting --The Faculty of Invisibility at work.

The curators would most importantly like to thank Stanley Brouwn for having designed Het Gebouw, a building which provided an opportunity for them to consider his work and the world it occupies.
Special thanks to the editorial team and designers of the journal F.R. David – Ann Demeester, Will Holder, and Dieter Roelstraete – for inspiration and an opportunity to use the format of the journal for The Book of Intentions, also to the contributors and publishers for granting the reproduction permissions.
The event programme of "Master Humphrey's Clock" would not have been the same without collaboration of BAK – basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; Paul O'Neill and "Situations" programme at the University of the West of England in Bristol; the "Close Connections", Amsterdam; "Anything but a slice of bread", Utrecht; Claus Eggers Sorensen.
To the tutors at the curatorial programme – Elena Filipovic, Annie Fletcher, Steve McQueen, Dieter Roelstraete, Henk Slager, Lisette Smits – thank you for your engaged criticism and encouragement.

Sincere thanks to all of the guest speakers and everyone else directly or indirectly involved in the development of the project: Mai Abu ElDahab, Carlos Basualdo, Jerome Bel, Christiane Berndes, Claire Bishop, Jeroen Boomgaard, Arnoud Boudrez, Egle Budvytyte, Goda Budvytyte, Andrei Chernikov, Tom van Gestel, Irene Kopelman, Maxine Kopsa, Vasif Kortun, Katja Mater, Ieva Miseviciute, Gerardo Mosquera, Avigail Moss, Jan Mot, Melvin Moti, Vanessa Ohlraun and the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, Jonas Ohlsson, Paul O'Neill, Natasa Petresin and the "Eyes Wide Open" programme at the Berlin Biennale, Praneet Soi, Una Szeemann, Christel Vesters, among others.